We are now agents for ARE Dry Sump Systems

ARE Dry Sump Systems produces a comprehensive range of cast Alloy dry sump pans, pumps, tanks and associated parts enabling competition engine builders to ensure oil is controlled and delivered to the right places even under the most extreme conditions.

ARE and Classic World Racing have teamed up to provide a service based on experience and track record. ARE now produce a wide range of Dry Sump Kits for most popular high performance engines and have proven track record in all forms of motorsport.

ARE Dry Sump Components can also be individually built into any existing Dry Sump System.

ARE can further improve the performance of any Dry Sump System by utilising the patented SPINTRIC. When fitted on the scavenge side the system, this unique unit removes up to 70% of emulsified air from the oil which enables a higher concentration of oil to be passed through the cooler. This in turn drops the oil temperature by as much as 15 degrees. Lower oil temperature equals lower engine temperature - win win!

ARE Dry Sump Kits 

We have kits available for 


Cast Alloy Dry Sump Pans include oil pipe unions

part no.               Description 
1002GTM            LS1 - 6 GTO / Manaro 
1004                     LS1 -6 
1004M                 LS1 (Fluidic design - Stage 3) 
1005M                 LS1- 6 (Fluidic design - Stage 1-2, 1-3) 
1005MCF            LS1 - 6 (early Camaro) 
1007                    Corvette LS7 'Retro fit' 
1008                    LT1 Stingray 'Retro fit' 
1009                    LS1-6 Ultra shallow 
1009WS              LS1-6 Wet sump 
1010                    Chevy small block (F5000) 
1016                    Chevy big block (McLaren Can-Am) 
1030                    Buick V6 1042 Dodge V6 (Shelby Can-Am) 
1050                    Ford Zetec 1052 Ford Zetec (wet sump) 
1055                    Ford Duratec 4 cyl 
1058                    Ford Duratec V6 
1059                    Ford Duratec V6 (Noble with integral pump mount) 
1100                    Ford Pinto 
1104                    Ford Pinto (stressed sump installation)
1033                    Rover V8 (3.5ltr to 5.0ltr - with or without integeral pump mount) 

part no.         Description 
1108              Jaguar 4.2 
1240              BMW M10 4 cyl 
1250              BMW M42 4 cyl 
1254              BMW M50 6 cyl 
1290              Porsche 944 
1300              Alfa Romeo 1750 - 2000 
1110              Nissan 4 cyl 
1120              Nissan 6 cyl 
1160              Nissan V6 
1228              Toyota 4AGE 
1232              Toypta Supra 
1260              Mazda Miata 
1280              Honda V Tec 
1282              Honda S2000 (built in pump mount) 
1284              Honda K20 A 
1312              Subaru WRX 
1418              Mitsubishi Evo 8 - 9 
1420              Mitsubishi Evo 8 - 9

Dedicated Dry Sump Pumps & associated parts for LS1 - 6

part no.               Description 
3007-1                Single stage, large single scavenge only 
3020                   Stage 1, twin scavenge only 
3020S                 Y Stage 1, tripple scavenge 
3021S                 Tripple scavenge only, front inlet 

part no.         Description 
3254S 1         Pressure, 3 scavenge pump, direct to block 
3255S 1         Pressure, 3 scavenge, 55 deg position outlets to suit all blocks 
4010              Billet filter mounting 
7007              Dedicated Corvette dry sump tank, inc internal baffling & factory temp sender

Dry Sump Pumps

part no.               Description 
3000                    Mini Mite 3 stage pump slim section 
3022                    2 stage scavenge only (Subaru - inc blade mount) 
3025                    2 stage scavenge only (1.500" sections) 
3100                    2 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (1.0" sections) 
3120                    2 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (1.200" sections)

part no.         Description 
3122              2 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (Subaru - inc dedicated blade mount) 
3125              2 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (section sizes: 1.500" pressure, 1.200" scavange) 
3224              3 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (1.200" sections) 
3250              3 stage scavenge, single stage pressure (1.500" sections)

Dry Sump Tanks

part no.               Description 
7000-1                 LS7 + fitting kit for Z06 
7007-1                 Plumbing configuration for LS7 
7007-2                 Plumbing configuration for LS7 + duel -12 inlets 
7020                    8ltr 20" high x 6" dia 7025 10ltr 25" high x 6" dia
7025                    10ltr 25" high x 6" dia

part no.         Description 
7030              12ltr 16.5" high x 9" dia 
7050              19ltr 22" high x 9" dia 
7100              Breather/catch tank inc K&N filter 
7102              Oil heater

Drive Pulleys and Belts

Pump RPM should be geared to around 50 - 60% of crank speed. 

Crank pulleys are available from 15 to 25 tooth.

Pump pulleys are available in 28, 30, 32, 40, 42 & 45 tooth. 

Belts are avilable in half-round and square tooth configuration. 

There are a wide range of drive mandrel/extensions available together with guide washers.